Tuesday, March 6, 2012


How predictable...
So I took a bit of a hiatus because I am too lazy to take, upload, edit, and organize pictures all the time. I wish there was some sort of all-encompassing program for that. Something that would instantly crop and retouch every image to perfection with one click, while I sit back and eat hot cheetos without worrying about smearing spicy orange powder all over my laptop. Unfortunately no such thing exists, so for now the solution is to just not bother with editing anything until I'm a little more comfortable with this whole blogging thing. I have to admit, the sheer amount of work and motivation it takes to keep up with something this time consuming (it severely cuts into my Watching Buffy Reruns time) is extremely overwhelming to me. Baby steps, baby steps.

Enough about my boring life, onto the clothes! I did a bit of discount shopping last week, at thrift stores and the Urban Outfitters outlet. Finding bargains is actually fun for me, and I have this whole philosophy about being able to find decent clothes for really cheap if you 1) know where to look and 2) know how to branch out and style things differently. Actually, I hope to do a post on that later so I won't blabber on about it now. As for last week, I found some great stuff, if I do say so myself:

crushed velvet crop top???? yes please. This was from UO and was only $10...considering it was probably like $70 originally I'd call that a steal.

I assure you that these high-waisted light cotton trousers are much more flattering on me. However, it's still too chilly to debut them outside so you'll have to wait for proof on that one. These were $10 too.

100% silk scarf for $2

I wish you could see from the picture how glorious the belt on the bottom is. The hardware is a bit tarnished, but it is PONY HAIR!! It takes a boring black belt to a new level and I can't wait to use it to add some texture to my monochromatic outfits. These were each around $2 though I don't remember exactly.

Now THIS. THIS. This is a miracle that came down upon me and I'm not sure how or why but I'll just drink up the glory and not question it, for my own sanity. I was browsing the faintly vomit-scented shoe racks at the Salvation Army and coming up empty-handed, as I am wont to do when surrounded by square-toed slingbacks. As I was turning to leave the section and the store FOREVER (ok, maybe just for a few weeks) I spotted (ha) leopard print out of the corner of my eye and turned around to find THESE BABIES. Leopard. print. loafers. I had been looking at pairs online just the week before and had been almost prepared to spend $70+ on some because I wanted them so badly. I had even put a pair into my cart on some site, but I backed out last minute because of the price. So to find these, in perfect condition, the ONLY pair, in MY SIZE, it was just one of those moments.... those shoes were meant for me. AND THEY WERE $6!! PLEASE EXCUSE MY YELLING, I AM TOO EXCITED.


And finally, this horrible shirt with a print of nail polish bottles, lipstick, makeup brushes, and little hearts. This was $3 but it's a size 12 so the sleeves go past my hands and it hangs pretty unfortunately on me. I couldn't resist the print though, so I snatched it up and I am now in the process of removing the sleeves in an attempt to tone down the print and make it a little more wearable.

Well, that is all I have for now. I've got some food posts lined up once I get the pictures uploaded, and I'll probably start spamming with pictures of my cat pretty soon because I have about 300 pictures of just her that I need to go through... perhaps I should get more hobbies. Ta for now!

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