Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Night Cooking

My boyfriend and I took the night to whip up some culinary creations. An embarrassing number of these were taken from Alton Brown recipes as we have a slight obsession with Good Eats. The others we made up ourselves, they turned out to be delicious experiments!

raspberry and blackberry cinnamon muffins

sardines marinating in their oil with red wine vinegar, lemon zest, cracked pepper, and parsley

sourdough toasting

sardines on toast with avocado, coarse salt, and lemon juice

the start of homemade limoncello and sour mix... pounds of zested and juiced lemons


adding the vodka, it now has to steep for seven days before we add the sugar syrup. I'll report back with the finished product!
I made pseudo-sour mix with some of the lemon juice from the zested lemons. I added in the juice of a ruby red grapefruit for a little variation... normally sour mix calls for limes and lemons in equal parts, but I used mostly all lemon with a bit of grapefruit and I think it turned out pretty well. I tried out a cocktail with the mix, vodka, a splash of campari, grapefruit seltzer, and maraschino cherries for garnish.

All this combined with the breaded zucchini I just had to have this afternoon, I'm pretty stuffed. I can guarantee I'll be drinking more of this sour mix, though... until next time!

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